First December in Denver. :)


Yesterday was a great first day of the month. Got to go to the Creme de la Chrome Rocky Mountain Auto Show. I went with my brother and a few friends.  It was really good. It was my first day with my new Canon Rebel T3i camera! Much to practice on! I’ve been to downtown Denver a few times, but I still really don’t know my way around at all. It definitely is more inviting than Dallas to me. But this is only because Dallas now is getting their downtown together. I moved 5 years ago when it was still trying to get it together. Anyways, The auto show was indoors at the Denver Convention Center, which is a first for me. I’m used to going to car shows in town that tend to be outside. There was mostly classics and it was awesome.


As we were taking pics, I noticed that what my brother (the gearhead) wanted pics of and what I saw was worth a photo was extremely different.  I wanted to practice more close ups and focusing, so I went on my own and went to it…

what I saw.

some many great opportunities!


And then I saw the cutest thing ever! I wish I could just quit my job and cross country travel…that would be so cool. Especially in this little thing.

my dream home

my dream home

Good day. Good run.

Had the best crew ever this month. It’s too bad we all have different schedules next month. Btw, I got a line! Woot, woot! Well, bc Denver is such a small base for us, I’m able to hold a line. Thank you, Baby Jesus!

And our schedule ended up being cut short bc it started with a mechanical problem with our plane. We were supposed to fly…
Tues: DEN ORD BOS – layover
Wed: BOS SFO SAN – layover
Thu: SAN DEN – home!

Well, bc of the mechanical, they ended up having reserves in ORD replacing us and we just deadheaded to SFO!! And we got our trip back in SFO to SAN. There was no BOS, which rocks. I got paid for the original trip. I pray that I keep a line FOREVER and EVER! They say it’s a whole different job. And it is. Sigh… But anyways, this whole month was great with Heidi-Hoo and DallasTexas.

So, btw, I’m trying to get back to running. And it’s a chore right now. Once I’m doing it, it’s not a problem. But getting there is the hardest. Today I had the beautiful San Diego weather and the pier inspiring me and then tacos at the corner taqueria enticing me. Lol.

The Jingle Bell Run – Denver is Dec 8th. My meetup group is meeting up and doing the race. I haven’t actually register yet bc I was doubting myself, but today I tried seeing how well I would do at 3 miles. I did ok. I jogged most of the first 2 miles and walked/jogged the last mile. It was a bit challenging. I’m so far from where I was ten years ago. That’s just funny  writing that. Of course I’m not the same person nor in the same shape as I was at 25! Hello, silly girl (woman)! I do want to get back to running though. One step at a time.

Today, I had a jumpseater who’s sorta new. She was very upset. I figured out she was on ‘term warning’. What a bummer. I remember the first (and only) time I was put on term warning. Ugh, it’s the worst. In this industry, it’s quite different. I used to have a desk job in finance and I always felt HR and my supervisor were on my team. Um, not so much for flight crew. Not knocking management, but it’s just different. We have so many policies and it’s all about customer service and being on time. But with that comes long hours (16 hour duty days), short layovers/overnights – sometimes only 5-6 hours of sleep, and sometimes, if you’re on reserve, you can get jipped out of a day off (technicalities). It’s all about knowing your contract and flying under the radar. No pun intended.
But I wouldn’t want to do anything else. It can be the best job ever! I have gotten the chance to see other cultures and eat amazing food and meet new friends from all around the world. I got a chance to live right next door to NYC and move to Denver. Would never have had the opportunity before. I don’t fly international anymore flying out of Denver (which btw, shouldn’t be an excuse). I plan on getting my brother to some great destinations. First step is get him a passport.

Memories…(throwback Thursday)

I think it was 2009 when on reserve, they called and told me I was going to Rome! What!? It was so awesome. I got to deadhead (sit as a passenger and get paid) to Rome and then see what I could see in 24 hours before coming back. I went. I saw. I drank Peronis in the streets and I conquered!


domesticated goddess.


So, I have been a bad, bad blogger. I’m so sorry. Been busy moving in and getting settled. I did meet someone….sooo, that may have caused a ripple in my daily blogging. Not no mo’. My honey is still in the picture, but I’m gonna get back on focus. So, I just bought some cacti type plants. I guess they’re called succulents? Is that right? I’m definitely a novice, so I figure I can’t mess up on rarely watered plants. 😉 My old roomie would be so proud! I thought about getting herbs to plant, but one step at a time, right?

Ok, so i got some bad news. Lost my wallet yesterday. Now, if you know me (which is not likely), you’d know that I’m Miss Absent-minded. I’ve been called Dory before. Have I mentioned that? So, yesterday and today, I’ve been calling my credit cards to cancel and reorder. Wah-wah-wah. How did I lose it? Well, yesterday was craigslist furniture day and I went with my bro to go to see about a vintage sewing machine and in the process and going to 3 of this lady’s storage units, I either dropped it or maybe left it on my bro’s truck. Not really sure. Because this is a consistent dilemma for me, a quick mourning for my cute skull biker wallet commenced. Boo. But rocks! So far, we’ve got a lot of great things for our apt.


So glad I have two big strong men to help bring all this up to the third floor. 🙂 I love being a girl.


Finally at the end of my move. Yay! Onto bigger and better things!

This past weekend, my baby cousin, had to get an appendectomy. 😥


But he’s feeling better now. Which makes me very happy. I’ll be able to go down next week to Dallas to see him, when he gets out.

Da Dirrty*, Zuzana, and cheese. And beer.

*by Da Dirrty, I mean sewer dirty, not hanky-panky dirty (this side note is for my aunties and mother. 🙂

Back in Newark, in my ‘old’ apartment. I’m actually in another room because things are a-changin’ here. Sniffle, sniffle. Anyways, gotta go get some cash for the cab and then I’m heading to BOS tonight. Quick layover at the lux Comfort Inn (don’t hate). Then a decent stay in LAX.

My new resolution is to get back in shape. Isn’t that everybody’s?? But this time, I mean it. 😉 I got my girl, Zuzana, to help me out. Do you know Zuzana?? Gotta give her a shout out. This is her site: or

She is a-mazing! What I love about her is that she seems so down to earth and isn’t this militant, ‘you are a fatty! Drop and give me 50! NOW!’ type of trainer. She’s sweet, and gives great advice. Her workouts are super for on-the-go types like me. I can do most of her workouts in the comfort of my own hotel room. Sometimes I feel a little self-conscious, so this allows me to get my ass into shape without excuses! Oh, and another great thing! These workouts are 10-25 mins each. Ok, enough about her awesomeness. I plan to use her and my new neighborhood full of trails and scenery to get my butt back into shape.

Also, my mind’s on my money, and my money’s on my mind. Cheese. Dough. Moola. Dinero. I want to buy a house. The goal is two years. Now that I don’t live in the city of broken dreams, I can actually fathom the idea of owning my own house. This does mean no dropping my trips and laying around all day. Denver seems more affordable and realistic for this dream, now goal. SAVE is gonna be my new favorite word! With that said, let’s update my checkbook and budget. Which is one of my favorite OCD things to do. This may take a couple of days. we’ll talk when I get back…TBC.



Happy b-day to my roomie, Ra!


Waiting for my food in BOS. Had a Negro Modelo. 🙂

Zuzana would not be happy with my ‘waiting for my food’ choice, but she’d be happy with my grub choice. As oppose to what I had plan to eat. Sad to even post.


L - things I found in the crevices of my luggage. R - what I bought at the mexi restaurant my hotel's attached to.

I thought the restaurant closed at 10, but luckily I peeked in and found the bar was still open and serving food. Sweet! Watched El Heat’s winning streak fade away while I waited. Don’t be fooled…I don’t know anything about sports. I was just observing.

I’ll be back…


watching The Croods in 3D


It’s almost 11pm mt and I’m about to get on my red eye to Newark. I am terribly sad to leave Denver. Even though there was no sightseeing and mostly getting situated, I know that I love it here. I have to work two more trips before I can peacefully come home.


my hood


I have already bookmarked groceries, used book stores, yarn stores, fabric stores, restaurants, bars, etc. I’m in Denver zone. How do people commute? How do people leave where they love to go across the country to work in another city? Going back to Newark is killing me. I’m ready to start here.


can’t forget where i parked


But I will miss Newark flying. The great international flying that I waited each summer to be called for. I will definitely miss that. But I want quality of life. And I feel that will happen here in Denver.

Well, hello there Denver. Nice to meet’cha.

Good day to you all. Just got back from apartment shopping. And it was very, very successful. We found a great place near Parker. It’s got a country feel, a good balance of suburbia and rural. After living in Newark for 5 years, girl needs some elbow room. We got ourselves on a waiting list. I dig it. I could tell my brother loved it, which is super. Now, it’s up to him. He’s gots to get a job. I believe it’s gonna work out.


Last night, I moved all the junk I brought with me into my crashpad and met a few crashpad-mates. Cool guys. I tried getting my parking tag and sida ID, but didn’t work out. I shall try tomorrow. One of my new roomies happened to be going to work this morning, so I gave him a ride. With that, he was nice enough to show me how to get there, each terminal and gave me the jist of the airport. Super nice of him. New friend I’m happy to have. 🙂

Day 3 – the Mile High city!

Good morning!


It’s 9:30am. The plan is to get to Denver in 8 hrs. Then I will be in my new home! I’m not sure when it’s gonna hit me that I don’t live in Newark anymore. My (old) roomie asked if I was leaving my keys. Well, I still have more stuff that I need to bring back. Little things. But I’m not sure I can actually leave these keys. Maybe I can just keep them, for memory safe. I lived 5 years in that apartment. Winter Storm Virgil tore through Kansas yesterday and it’s going to the east coast. I’m glad I’m not there right now.


We should be okay today. Brother didn’t come down for breakfast. We’re not the most pleasant morning people, Brother and I. Sooo, I came down and grubbed it out alone. I still got a Cinnabon, which I purchased at the Flying J station last night. Oh yeah!

So, thought I lost my debit card last week. I cancelled it and reordered a new one, which got to my house much quicker than I thought. Thanks, Chase! Anyways, just opened my laptop and POOF! It appeared. Story of my life.

So see, since I started this blog, I’ve already had a few examples of lost items.

– Chase card
– Nook Tablet
– fitbit
(Don’t worry. There’s plenty more. In due time.)


Finally made it to Denver at around 6…checked into an inexpensive motel and ran into some less desirable people…wonder if making a budget choice was best.